Fast and slow – which is the right way to write?

Focus on Books

Sometimes the most mundane tasks in life come with simple but crucial messages. Take mixing two-stroke oil with petrol (‘gas’ to those of you in the USA). If your mind is a-dither and scattered, flitting between plans and worries, you’re probably going to mess up. The consequences won’t be too serious (providing you’re doing it outside, in a safe location, naturally) – but the lesson is an important one. Before you begin to pour, steady yourself, concentrate. Keep your mind on what you’re doing. Get grounded.

It’s the same throughout life. If you’re in a hurry, stop and slow down. Get a grip of yourself, ground yourself and focus on the task, not on the stress factors or the worry or the ‘what ifs’.

The same goes with writing. It’s not how fast or slow you go that makes the difference, but the quality of your focus while you’re doing it.


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