The Capgras Conspiracy

A mystery thriller series set in the modern day and focused on the Capgras family, and in particular Tom, an investigative journalist and crime reporter, a man with a chequered past and a conviction for handling state secrets.

Each book in the ‘Capgras Conspiracy’ series works as a standalone story, so they can be read in any order. However, the lives of the people in the stories are changed significantly by events and experiences, so there is a natural progression. Ideally, start at the beginning, but feel free to dive in wherever you wish if one book in particular catches your eye.

The first book in the series, Blood Read, will be published soon.

The second book, Cold Monsters, is available 17 May 2017.

Blood-Read-paperback-and-iphoneBlood Read (Publish And Be Dead) – It may be true what the mysterious, alluring Kiera Roche says – that “ambition makes monsters of us all” – but would a washed-up mid-list mystery author really turn serial killer and murder his way across the London book-world, solely for publicity, all to sell his latest blockbuster? Crime reporter Tom Capgras must get to the truth, before the killer gets to him.

Crime, spy and political thrillerCold Monsters (No Secrets To Conceal) – Firebrand reporter Tom Capgras discovers a secret Government surveillance project – the ‘Apostle’ algorithm. In time of crisis, it decides who lives and who dies. He holds in his hands the scoop of a lifetime but the state will kill anyone to prevent a leak – and Capgras is in their sights.