The Capgras Conspiracy

A mystery thriller series set in the modern day and focused on the Capgras family, and in particular Tom, an investigative journalist and crime reporter, a man with a chequered past and a conviction for handling state secrets.

Each book in the ‘Capgras Conspiracy’ series works as a standalone story, so they can be read in any order. However, the lives of the people in the stories are changed significantly by events and experiences, so there is a natural progression. Ideally, start at the beginning, but feel free to dive in wherever you wish if one book in particular catches your eye.

Cult Following (No Faith To Lose) – fresh out of prison for possession of state secrets, maverick reporter Tom Capgras investigates a sinister cult responsible for a sarin gas attack on the London Tube. To gather proof, prevent more attacks and rescue his ex, Tom must risk his life, sanity, freedom, morals – even his innocence. (A prequel novella)


Blood Read (Publish And Be Dead) – It may be true what the mysterious, alluring Kiera Roche says – that “ambition makes monsters of us all” – but would a washed-up mid-list mystery author really turn serial killer and murder his way across the London book-world, solely for publicity, all to sell his latest blockbuster? Crime reporter Tom Capgras must get to the truth, before the killer gets to him.

Cold Monsters (No Secrets To Conceal) – Firebrand reporter Tom Capgras discovers a secret Government surveillance project – the ‘Apostle’ algorithm. In time of crisis, it decides who lives and who dies. He holds in his hands the scoop of a lifetime but the state will kill anyone to prevent a leak – and Capgras is in their sights.