Lost In Thought

A journey into the labyrinth…

where the monsters lurk

A secret that could change the world is lost

inside a scientist’s comatose mind


The Brainscape, the ultimate gaming device, creates a world, its people and creatures, from the subconscious of the host mind – from books, movies, memories, dreams and nightmares. The device is a doorway to the subconscious – but it’s unproven, untested and potentially deadly.

When genius inventor Richard Trescerrick finally finds the algorithm to make his experimental mind-link interface safe he knows it could change the world. But before he can reveal it, a mystery attacker leaves him for dead.

“It’s a mind – it works by metaphor.”

To save his life, solve the crime and recover the formula, a team of police and doctors create a link to Trescerrick’s comatose mind. They enter the Brainscape, taking with them Richard’s estranged son Luke – a Cornish surfer, drifter, artist, fisherman, part-time drunk and full-time, devoted dad.

Luke must risk his life and sanity on a mission to wake his father, unmask a killer and expose a deadly conspiracyBut in the labyrinth of the Brainscape, death is real. Enemies lurk behind every memory. Secrets spawn riddles wrapped in metaphor. Stories come alive. And monsters are made flesh.



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“Sentences so lean that, like the notes in a Mozart symphony, you’d be hard-pressed to pick a spare word that could be removed without reducing the story… it’s Jumanji meets A Christmas Carol, with a smattering of Alice in Wonderland” Pete Barber, ‘Books and Pals’ book blog.

Awesome Indies approved

Awesome Indies approved

“The worlds are real. At least as real as imaginary worlds can be, and the premise of summoning metaphors and archetypes to move around and solve problems while inside the subconscious is genius. And the ticket out, a brilliant idea.” Anthony McFadden, author.

Part mystery thriller, part psychological thriller, part sci-fi fantasy, it’s where Inception meets Alice in Wonderland, with Fight Club and Shutter Island along for the adventure…

“I could not stop reading this book once I’d started it.” Lori L. Grubbs

Lost In Thought was nominated for the 2013 Big Al’s Books and Pals Readers’ Choice Awards (it was pipped to the prize by the novel ‘Wool’ by Hugh Howey)

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