Where to buy the books

The simplest way to buy my novels, short stories and novellas is to go to the Amazon store in your country, where you can view and click through to all my books.


Universal links

Below are universal links to the books – these give you the ability to choose the book store of your choice, and buy either ebook or print versions.

Lost In Thought

Ball Machine

The Dry Lands

In The Rattle of the Shaman’s Bones

The Fire Within

Monster Hunters of the Undermire

In The Wreckage


Doguar and the Baboons of War

Wild, Hugo Wilde

The Broken Road (short stories)

Wild Jack (Novella)


Paperback versions of my novels are available direct through Createspace, or on the Amazon site of your country. They are also available through Barnes and Noble and a variety of other bookstores worldwide. You’ll need to buy from the internet sites of these stores, or place a special order in a bricks and mortar store (unless you’re really, really lucky and find one on the shelves – in which case take a photo and send it to me – and I’ll send you a free book!)


My novels and short stories are generally available as ebooks from most of the major sites and retailers. Some of them are only on Amazon, however. All my books are free of DRM (digital right management restrictions), so if you buy on Amazon, you can convert them to the format of your choice using the free ebook software Calibre.

The books can be found at the following locations:

  • Amazon in the USA
  • Amazon in the UK
  • Amazon anywhere 
  • Smashwords – where you can download the books in a range of formats.
  • Kobo – do a search by book titles or my name
  • Barnes and Noble – easiest to search by my name – ebooks and print available
  • Apple iTunes

If you have any problems finding them, buying them or opening any files then please get in touch.