New cover for Ball Machine


Ball Machine – an android takes up professional tennis. And leads the worlds worst soccer team to the finals of the world cup.

My novel Ball Machine, featuring an android with self-awareness, higher consciousness, and a world-class backhand now has a new and much improved cover.

The story focuses on the adventures of Vitas Rodriguez as he climbs to the top of the professional tennis game. He’s got the shots, the speed, the stamina. The only problem is – no one knows he’s a robot.

Ball Machine will also be coming out in a print edition soon – probably by the end of October.

Print editions of ‘The Dry Lands‘, ‘In the Rattle of the Shaman’s Bones‘ and ‘In the Wreckage‘ are already available.

The third book in my prehistory series ‘Tales of the Koriba’ is now almost finished and likely to be published this Autumn. Possibly within weeks.


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