Launch of Awesome Indies read-to-review program


Do you like books? Do you like free stuff? Then check out the invitation below. It’s a chance to expand your reading list and discover some great independent writers and authors at no expense. The deal is simple: read a book and write a review.

Here’s the official invite:

Awesome Indies Books invites you to join our Read to Review program. If you sign up, once a month we will email you details of the Awesome Indies approved books that are up for review. You then have two weeks to let us know if you’d like to read any of them. The author will then send you the book in whatever file suits your ereader.

In return for this free read, you agree to:

Post a review on the Awesome Indies Book site, Amazon, and on one other review site (eg your blog, B&N, Kobo, or Goodreads) within two months of receiving of the book.
The review should be a minimum of 100 words and include the following at the end: I received this book free from Awesome Indies Books in return for an honest review.
When completed, email the administrator the links to your review on the three sites. If for some reason you didn’t finish the book or don’t feel you can review it for any other reason, then please let us know why. If after two months you don’t leave a review and we don’t hear from you, we will remove you from the reviewers list.
All the books you’ll be offered have already passed Awesome Indies approval—that means they’re good. Though you may not like a book, we can guarantee they’ll be well-written and edited.

There’s nothing to lose – because if one month you’re not taken by any of the books, you simply don’t respond. No pressure, no commitment, but great new books available to you in return for a review. You can sign up here.

I can thoroughly recommend the Awesome Indies site and the books it promotes. (Disclaimer: they’ve been kind enough to review several of my books and given glowing recommendations to them, so I’m a little bit biased). Even if you don’t want to write reviews yourself, it’s a great site for discovering new fiction.


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