In the Rattle of the Shaman's Bones ready to launch


Rattle-final The second book in the ‘Tribal Song’ series is ready to launch, and is likely to hit the ebook stores from December 26th. It might take a week or more for it appear in some of the stores, however. The Apple store is closed over the Christmas period, for example, and not accepting new titles. (It’s open for buying, obviously).

The book is the sequel to ‘The Dry Lands,’ and is once again set in East Africa 43,000 years BCE (before the common era – or plain old BC if you prefer).

‘In The Rattle of the Shaman’s Bones’ continues the tale of Temfe and the rest of the tribe of the Koriba.  Once again, it is written to appeal to both adults and young adults alike.

Here is the back cover blurb:

A curse is sharper than a flint blade

The plains of Africa, 43,000 years BC – the dawn of human culture

Death stalks the hunting grounds, striking at the elders, the leaders and the wise ones.

A power struggle will determine the future of the Koriba. Can Temfe, the chief’s son, unite the tribes? Can he lead them across the desert? And save his father, poisoned and dying, his spirit lost in shadow?

Should he trust Yorodjan, the scarred, one-eyed seer who worships the death birds? Who flies as a vulture in the other-worlds?

Enemies surround Temfe. Some fight with spears and flint blades. Others with poison, curses and betrayal. All of them determined to control his tribe, to seize its lands, destroy its people.

To save the Koriba, Temfe must learn the ways of the shaman, cross into the vision-worlds, defend the ancestors and defeat a murderer who wields malign power.

A prehistoric adventure for adults and young adults alike.

The book was originally intended to be called ‘Caves of the Seers’. The most recent edition of ‘The Dry Lands’ refers to this title as the upcoming sequel. So if you’ve been waiting for news of ‘Caves of the Seers,’ this is that book, and this is it’s new title. Apologies for any confusion. But I hope you’ll agree that the new title is much better. If you don’t agree, let me know in the comments.

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