Feel like you’re howling at the void? Maybe it’s only the “gulf of disapproval”


Seth Godin today posts about something he calls “the gulf of disapproval.”

It applies, he says, to new ideas, inventions and businesses.

most of the people who hear about it don’t get it.

And the idea, business, invention would die on the vine, if it weren’t for another group:

the early adopters, the believers, and some of them are sneezers. They tell everyone they can about your new idea.

There aren’t many of them at first. And the number grows agonisingly slowly. But gradually, they begin to convert the disapproving.

It is these people you need to focus on – the few that do get it, not the many who turn away in bafflement. Otherwise, you run the risk of hitting the wall. Of giving up.

I think it applies as much to books and stories as it does to ideas and business ventures.

Check out Seth's post here.
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