Every hero needs courage, resilience, defiance of impossible odds


Another Wimbledon tradition has played itself out today – the plucky British underdog, home crowd favourite – tries hard against overwhelming odds and loses valiantly. Marcus Willis, ranked 772 in the world, never had a hope against the mighty Roger Federer on Centre Court – or any court for that matter. But he gave his all, and everyone is proud of him. Certainly, a lot of people were glued to their TV sets to watch, even though there was no chance of an upset. (The court itself was full – but Centre Court at Wimbie is always full – for a singles match at least).

The moral of the tale though – if you’re creating a hero for a story, make sure they give their all, smile even when defeated, play (or struggle, or fight) with courage and tenacity and get back up every time they are knocked down. That way, the fans will keep watching, and keep reading.

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