‘Short Tales of Big Dog’ part 17 – ‘Big Dog’

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Big Dog

Big Dog watched leaves moving in the wind, heard them rustle, and the birds sing, and all manner of things besides. Everything was known. His senses were alert, yet calm. He noticed everything because he was everything. He had become the openness in which the world arises. No longer bound by dog body, dog mind, he was connected to all things. Boundless, eternal, undying. Always present. Silent. Still.



Notes by the author

This concludes the microfiction series Big Dog (probably – I might add more in the future.)

If you’ve enjoyed this, or are intrigued by it, or just confused, it might help to know that the series was inspired by the Big Mind process, created by Zen Master Genpo Merzel (Genpo Roshi). Each of the short tales attempts to dramatise the experience of being in one of the different voices explored during the process. The Big Mind technique is based on the voice dialogue method of psychotherapy created by Hal and Sidra Stone

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