Did you ever do something really bad? You can make up for it, that’s what I think. If I keep this foal alive against the odds, that’ll count for something. Won’t it? What else can I do?

I saved her from the river. She was washed away and struggling, her white nose bobbing downstream. I risked my life, waded in and grabbed her, got a kick from those long, boney legs but dragged her to the muddy bank all the same. She calmed down when I held out grass, took it right away. She looks half starved and she’s not alone.

I’ll help this foal. That’ll set things straight for me. Make amends, whatever. How was I to know? I hacked the site, but I didn’t meant to launch no missiles. They should have had safety, or security. It’s not my fault. Besides, I’ve suffered as much as anyone. I’ve no computers now, there’s no electricity, no one to talk to, no point in doing anything. Not much to eat. Even grass won’t grow, I’ve given her the last of it. Don’t know how she lived this long. This foal’s the first critter I’ve seen for weeks.

What do you feed a horse, if there’s no grass? All I’ve got is cans of meat and beans and stuff. A foal can’t eat that. Besides, I’m running low, and when it’s gone, what then?

I’ll keep the foal. That’s my good deed. No one can say I’m a bad person. No one can.

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