What if….


Life, the universe and everything… what if it’s all about us?

What if there are no higher powers or meanings?

What if there is no god, or she isn’t watching or doesn’t care? What if there are no aliens coming to teach us or punish us? What if there is no heaven, no hell?

What if there is no meaning and no afterlife, no fathers or mothers passing judgement or keeping score? What if it’s not about the future or the past but only about this, here and now… this moment, the things we do, the attention we pay to what is really happening, to the sights all around us and the sounds – not the noise in our minds but the real world, be it waves or traffic or birdsong or music or babies crying?

What if all that has ever happened led here and nowhere else, but not for any reason? Just because?

What if no one is coming to save us? How does that change how we see the world or treat the world and all that’s in it, including each other?

What if that choice is all that really matters?

What if that’s all there is and ever will be to our lives?

Do we need more? What if it doesn’t matter what we need?

What if that is all there’ll ever be?

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