How to live a meaningful life


Do you fear your life has no meaning? Guess what….

Life can appear meaningless when we examine it — or we’re feeling glum. The truth is that it almost certainly is meaningless in any real sense.

But… all the meaning you need is contained in awareness of what is real, here and now.

What is real? Not your worries, that’s for sure, not your thoughts or daydreams, or the stories you tell yourself.

What is real? Look around you, hear the sounds, be aware. The trees, the song of the birds, the roar of distant traffic, the wind brushing against your skin – these things are real. But more importantly, so is the awareness of those things. That comes from you, and that is real.

If life seems like a storm, then awareness is your anchor, your life raft, and your sails. Be aware of even the littlest things in your life, and it becomes meaningful.

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