Update: what’s new around here?


There hasn’t been much news on releases and publications for a while – and that’s because I’ve been busy writing, writing, writing. And then doing some editing. And some more writing.

This does, however, mean that I now have three novels ‘in the bag’ with several more planned or about to be started. Or something like that.

So, to summarise:

Monster Hunters of the Undermire’ is ready to go. It’s an action adventure fantasy set in a mysterious celtic ‘otherworld.’ No dates as yet, nothing finalised. I’m checking out a few options and considering entering it into the Kindle Scout programme. This is a kind of ‘reality TV’ style, readers decide what gets published scheme which I haven’t used before – but it looks interesting. (The main benefit is getting published by Amazon itself – with all its insane marketing power).

‘The Capgras Report’ – The first two novels in a series of mystery / thrillers are now written. The first, ‘Torn Pages’ is fully edited and may be published soonish. The second, ‘Cold Monsters’, is still in first draft stage – so is many months away from being ready. The series itself will be called ‘The Capgras Report’.

Site news – This site is overdue for a revamp and some TLC. It’s likely to change to a static home page soon, with, fingers crossed, more regular updates. I’m working on some interesting ideas for regular content, but don’t want to say more until the plans are more advanced.

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