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Below are new (to me) UNIVERSAL LINKS to my books, allowing you to choose from your favourite bookstore. Some of the books are available only through Amazon at present, though this will change soon and they will all become available from most stores. (The books with limited distribution at time of going to press include: ‘In The Wreckage’; ‘Wild Hugo Wilde’; and ‘Monster Hunters of the Undermire’.)

One thing these links can’t do is send you directly to Createspace to buy print copies. You can find links to the paperback editions available directly from the print-on-demand company on the individual pages for each book (under ‘books’ in the top menu).

From the links below you can source either ebook versions or print copies or both, depending on the store in question.

Lost In Thought

Ball Machine

The Dry Lands

In The Rattle of the Shaman’s Bones

The Fire Within

Monster Hunters of the Undermire

In The Wreckage


Doguar and the Baboons of War

Wild, Hugo Wilde

The Broken Road (short stories)

Wild Jack (Novella)

Authors – if you’re curious how this is done, go to book2read.com. The service is free and very simple to use. You can even add your own affiliate codes providing you sign in. If you have a draft2digital account, use that to login.

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