Print version of Lost In Thought, plus more books approved by Awesome Indies – and featured on the new Storyteller Alley site

Awesome Indies approved

Awesome Indies approved

Two more of my books have been given the official ‘Awesome Indies’ seal of approval. ‘The Dry Lands’ and ‘In The Wreckage’ have both been read  by the Awesome Indies team and given 5-star reviews. The review for ‘The Dry Lands’ is here, and ‘In The Wreckage’ is here.

A new site, Storyteller Alley, has been launched to promote the work of independent authors – and they are giving away books on a regular basis, so it’s well worth checking out for a huge range of authors and genres. The site has featured my books ‘Lost In Thought’ and ‘Ball Machine’ already, with ‘The Dry Lands’ and ‘Wreckage’ pending. (Which means, I only sent them the details on those books a few minutes ago…. as of the time of writing, of course.)

‘Lost in Thought’ now has a new cover (on Amazon, at least) and is now available in print, direct here, and on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in the near future.

Lost In Thought print cover

‘Lost In Thought’ paperback cover

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