‘Blood Read’ launches 15 November


Blood-read-paperback-front-and-backMy latest novel, ‘Blood Read (Publish And Be Dead)’ launches on 15th November and is available already for pre-sale on Amazon.

The paperback version will also be available from 15th Nov, and it will be on iTunes, Barnes and Noble etc etc very shortly afterwards.

‘Blood Read’ is crime thriller / murder mystery featuring a left-wing investigative reporter, Tom Capgras, with a dodgy past and a prison record for handling stolen state secrets. He doesn’t get on with the police much, which is hampers both his day-job as a crime reporter and his investigation into the string of suspicious deaths across the London book world.

It is the first novel in the series ‘The Capgras Conspiracy’ – with the second book, ‘Cold Monsters’ currently nearing completion. It’s scheduled for release in early 2017.

You can order your copy of ‘Blood Read’ today, and it will be delivered as soon as the book goes live.

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