A ‘first edition’? For £1860.39? Get it on createspace for $9.99

A valuable 'first edition'

A valuable ‘first edition’


I was intrigued (and slightly alarmed in truth) to notice that the paperback version of one of my novels is currently on sale, at Amazon of all places, for the princely sum of $1,860.39! The page claims this is a ‘first edition’ (though the typo converts this into a ‘frist edition’). Even so, it’s quite a chunk of change for a book that is also available through Createspace (part of Amazon) for a more reasonable $9.99.

(Besides which, can a print-on-demand book ever be really described as a ‘first edition’?)

I suspect this has been caused by the usual insanity regarding algorithms. There aren’t many copies of ‘The Dry Lands‘ in print, so there won’t be many available second hand. So the price shoots up.

I’ve alerted Amazon to the fact that there is a cheaper version available through their own Createspace store – and it should also be available through the regular Amazon store as well, though this might vary depending on where in the world you live.

If you want to pick up a bargain version at $9.99 or so, depending on your location and currency, you can do so here.


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  • Congratulations for being the writer of rare and valuable books.

    I can only hope to achieve the same prominence (if I can only get this darned frist volume of my own up there).

    Is this leather-bound, with gold leaf? And how long did it take to do the calligraphy? How many volumes in your ‘First Edition’ print run?

    One? I get it.

    • Simon Link Reply

      I was tempted to buy that overpriced first edition as a collectors item. Then reality kicked in..

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