Humans that confuse their dogs by knowing when other humans are coming home

Airedale waiting

We’ve found a terrific new way to confuse, baffle and impress our dogs. It involves knowing when the other humans in the family are coming home and miraculously being out in front of the house in plenty of time to welcome their arrival.

You can almost hear the dogs thinking: “How did they know? Is it their super hearing? Or ESP?

The truth is a little more mundane – the handy ‘Find my Friends’ app on an iPhone[footnote]You could of course just use the phone to call ahead – but where’s the fun in that?[/footnote][footnote]I still haven’t revealed to my partner the real reason I want my location traced: it’s in the forlorn hope she might get dinner ready in time for my arrival.[/footnote].

As Arthur C. Clarke would say: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”



Photo: 'Bailey Boo' by Joe Penniston 
via Flickr and Creative Commons
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