Hey, I'm up for an award


http://www.dreamstime.com/-image20360723This morning, in my email, I got a note saying my novel ‘Lost In Thought’ has been nominated for the BigAl’s Books and Pals 2012 Readers’ Choice Awards in the thriller/suspense category. Needless to say, I’m delighted and excited, humbled and nervous.
I’ll admit, I’m not totally sure about the categorisation as a thriller. I sometimes call it a ‘psychological thriller’ as it’s the closest to an accepted genre I can come. But in truth, I see more as a tongue-in-cheek psychological thriller. It’s more comic than dark-and-broody. But it does take place in a coma patient’s subconscious, so it’s certainly psychological. In a weird kind of way.
Anyway, there will be voting, over on the BigAl’s site, running from March 18 to April 1st. Please feel free to pop over there are VOTE FOR ME! VOTE FOR ME!