The official website of fiction writer Simon J. Townley

This site is all about the fiction writing of Simon J. Townley. You can find out more about the books, about Simon, and about writing and publishing in general. There’s also indiscriminate stuff about killing weeds, soul searching, smelting gold and training dogs – but it all mostly ties in to fiction one way or another.

While you’re here, please check out the microfiction. And please leave a comment if you’re so inclined. It’s good to know that people pass through now and then.

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rusty-ball-200x200-on-whiteSign up for my newsletter and become the proud owner of  a free copy of ‘Ball Machine’. It’s a sci-fi romp about an android with a quantum entanglement computer for a brain, designed as the ultimate tennis partner.

He turns pro, takes on the tennis world, but ends up on the run, playing in the soccer world cup (for the world’s worst football team), battling gangsters and drugs cartels – all while trying to calculate the non-binary meaning of life.

The sign-up form is at the top of this and every page.

Tall tales and make-believe

The site has information on my novels and where to get hold of them, stuff about me, and a contact form. There’s also a journal (that’s a fancy author name for blog posts) with reviews, thoughts, opinions, updates on new releases and general mish-mash.

Coming soon: reviews of the best books on the craft of writing; yet more photos of dogs; and downloadable PDF excerpts of all my books.


Offbeat books…

Written to entertain, amuse, thrill and enthral…

With attitude….

Stories that cross genres, written for all ages… both well written and a damn good read…

…and talking dogs (with Buddha nature)

Because words, as the zen folk say, are signposts, not the thing itself – a finger pointing at the moon, saying “Look! Over there!”

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